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Giving Name to the Nameless – Using Poetry as an Anti-Violence Intervention with Girls
The use of literature and guided reading has been recognized as a viable option for helping young people address their concerns. Poetry is a particularly wonderful way to address sensitive issues (like sexuality, violence, and self-esteem). When young people (or adults for that matter) see something of themselves in a piece of literature (books, poetry), identify with the work, reflect on it, and undergo some emotional growth as a result of that reading experience, this can be considered a successful anti-violence intervention.

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The new curriculum resource developed by Mariame Kaba with contributions by Caitlin Ostrow-Seidler. The guide includes over 30 poems that address gender-based violence as well as tips and suggestions for individuals who are interested in facilitating poetry circles with girls and young women.

This curriculum is part of Project NIA's "Exploring the Roots of Violence" initiative that launched with the release of our Something is Wrong guide in February 2010. Something is Wrong was developed in collaboration with Teachers for Social Justice and the Chicago Freedom School.

Other curriculum resources will be developed and released in 2011 as part of this initiative. The goal of the "Exploring the Roots of Violence" initiative is to develop and disseminate free or low-cost tools and resources that educators and organizers can use to address violence in the lives of young people.

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