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Project NIA Presents: Defund the Police

Defund the Police

Defund Police: An Animated Video

People have a lot of ideas about policing. And our ideas about policing are shaped by our race, our genders, our class, and our parents .... Dominant culture, especially mass media sells us the image of "Officer Friendly." But whose experience is that actually based on?

Please share widely — — with educators, organizers, parents, friends!

For more information on alternatives to policing, visit Don't Call the Police. For organizers and those interested in working on #DefundPolice campaigns, you can also download #DefundPolice: Concrete Steps Toward Divestment from Policing and Investment in Community Safety by our partner Interrupting Criminalization.

Discussion guide

Download the Discussion Guide

If you are working with young people, we've also developed discussion questions and activities to use alongside the video.

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