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Keep up with the latest news, initiatives, and events related to ending youth incarceration.

Fall series of events coming soon.

Artist residency

Introducing Project NIA’s first Artist’s Residency…

Project NIA’s mission is to dramatically reduce the reliance on arrest, detention, and incarceration for addressing youth violence and to promote the use of restorative and transformative practices, a concept that relies on community-based safety responses. Beyond all of the words, what we are after is to end youth incarceration, a practice that we consider to be harmful, immoral, and counter-productive. When our ultimate goal is bluntly stated in this way, it becomes more difficult to win a majority of the public over to our side of the argument. People begin asking all sorts of questions like “surely you believe that some children and young adults belong in prison?” or “Is it realistic to close all youth prisons?” These are valid questions and we engage them.

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